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Following is the true story of one of Andy Noble's Victims.



My name is Christina. I was divorced from my husband in Feb 2012. We were together for 13 years. Married for 6 years.  We owned two successful  companies. I was  given a 2 million dollar divorce settlement. That is how I came to have so much cash  on hand.  

I was introduced to Andy Noble by a friend of a friend in LA regarding an oil deal (another story, another time). After our first meeting we kept in touch by text and by phone. He helped me understand the oil transaction and the many ways of making money outside of the usual investments most us  know. He and I became close friends. 

He lived in Ft Collins Co. His home at the time. He always seemed to have high value investments in the works. I became used to hearing big numbers in association to these investments and I believed them to be totally legitimate. He actually prided himself on his integrity. My oil deal was not going smoothly. Andy was always there to encourage me to hang in there. We did talk about investing in the future although not a usual topic of conversation. He said I would need to set up a company to invest through with him. I set up Rockwell Investments in May of 2012.

On May 30 th  he came to my home in Florida. It was to find out if we should take our relationship to another level.   I thought he was very sweet. He persuaded me  to come to LA to meet his family.  I agreed as long as we could check in on my oil deal.  Unfortunately the owner of the company had suffered a heart attack. We spent a long Fathers Day weekend. His family was very nice. I flew home. Andy flew to Australia on yet another money adventure? 

August 2012 we continued our friendly relationship.  He was excited and ready for his big investment. He had been waiting for his money to generate 10 million so he cold turn it into 100 million.   I asked him if I could be included.  He checked with his broker to see if it was possible. Good news! I could get into the deal for 500k. Andy was investing 9 million. Our return was 1000%. A high return  due to the high value of our investment. We were buying a 500 Million dollar Bank Guarantee through  HSBC . I was sent a contract to sign and return with wiring instructions to a Wells Fargo account. It was explained to me that the company was an investment group and a subsidiary of the larger Asia Pacific Prime Company (A legitimate company). My contract was with Asia Pacific Prime   PTY  LTD (APP Escrow). Our money was to be invested through them.  I asked repeatedly for Documents on our transaction and was told he would have them for me upon his return from London. They never came.

Andy went off to London to oversee everything. During his overseas trips he only emailed me.He never phoned or texted. Which I constantly complained about. He would not change his way on that.  He says he went on Aug 8 but his passport stamp said otherwise! 

Upon his return things continued as usual and we waited for the deal to be complete,95 business days, Dec14.   He returned to London DEC 2 to complete the deal.  By way of his  Facebook   timeline  I found out that  he did not go until the 16 th . His emails say different.

After he arrived home on January 16 th?  It was nothing but delay after delay. Each excuse more unbelievable than the last. I started requesting documents. I  received assurances and obvious forged statements. They were poorly written and incorrect. I demanded my 500k back! He would text me that he had wired the money. This happened 5 times and no wire! Every excuse was more infuriating. We had a huge problem. During this time I was very nice and understanding on the phone and by text but in reality, I was not buying it for a minute. Then came the faked hospital stay.  He had been in the hospital but as an out patient. I found him in a Long Beach hospital but he had been treated and released. He  texted  and called me each day and told me all about his hospital stay! I waited until I could not wait any longer. I started my search and recovery mission.

When I met Andy I ran background check online and found nothing. Upon further investigation the only big surprises I've found are from his  facebook   timeline . He was never where he claimed to be!

I called the Tiburon Police to report the crime. The Wells Fargo Branch I used was there. They directed me to the Belvedere police.  Officer Andy  Rosas  from the  Belvedere  police department took my report. He also found no criminal background. His parents were where he said they would be. Homes (not sure if he owns them) in Colorado.  No surprises.

The closer look at my contract was full of surprises. The address of  Asia Pacific Prime  PTY  LTD I have learned was the home of his friend  David  Sugihara  at 1038 McKinley Ave Ft  Lupton  CO 80621. For me it was the first clue that it was Andys account that I had sent my money to. Not an investment group.

The account at Wells Fargo had a different address than the one on my contract. Which is an address that  doesnt  exist. Andy had misspelled this non  address  on a letter that was supposedly sent from the company as proof we had an investment. The Companys phone number was also wrong and belongs to a  mexican  house keeper in  Las  Vegas. 

When Officer  Rosas  spoke to Andy on the phone. He claimed that he was defrauded in London and that he has documents to prove it. He also insists he will be returning my money to me at the end of the month. He told the officer and myself. He had an appointment with his Lawyer on Tuesday.  He gave us his lawyers number. I called to confirm this but the Lawyer never called me back. He also promised to send us documents about his fraud claim. Nothing has arrived. He told the officer that he was in LA staying at a hotel but would not give him further information.

I employed Andrew Greenfieild In April. He contacted the bank but was told they could not release the information about APP Escrow account  to him. We were told the account was closed. Also I was told that I was not the only victim but they would not tell me the names or give any information about the other victims.

I instructed my Lawyer to write a letter to Andy's father. His father called me. I spoke to him and he told me that Andy would call me and explain everything. Andy did call. He told me that he had given the money to Iman and Justin. His Australian business partners and that they were the owners of the APP ESCROW Acct. He admitted that they did not invest the money as instructed. He claims they took my money along with his and another investor. He had been trying to get the money back but they said they would not return it. He said that he would pay me back out of his own funds and then collect from them after. I asked him to contact my Lawyer and he did. I  admitted to him that half of the money had been my Ex husbands. It was not just me anymore.

 After they spoke Andy agreed to do a settlement with me. The Lawyer drew up the papers but Andy got cold feet and backed out. I instructed my Lawyer to file charges. My Lawyer requested more money from me which I promptly sent him.  After three weeks of waiting for him to file charges. I grew tired of his excuses and delays. I let him go. I continued to talk and text with Andy. In September he said that he had a deal that was about to close and that he intended to pay me back from the proceeds.

Andy has sent documents about the deal he was supposedly working on. Also he claims went to close the deal in Switzerland  in October. He became very quiet for a couple weeks but has resurfaced and now claims to be finished with the deal and ready to pay by Dec 9. I am waiting…..

Fraud case #  BV 13-105 

Belvedere  Police department 415-435-2611

Officer Andy  Rosas

Andy Noble 12-24-1981

passport# 057194265

DL # CO 05308-0080 expired possibly renewed in CA?


Parents: Mark and Emmy Noble 3279 Fawn Dr San Jose CA   phone# 408-377-0372 ?

Mark Noble works at Genecor in Palo Alto CA 


FRAUD ALERT: Andrew John Noble/ ANDY NOBLE Client Information Client/Signatory Name : Mr. Andrew John Noble Nationality : American Passport Number : 504838522 Date of Issue : 22th of June 2013 Expiration Date : 21st of June 2023 Issued by : United States Date of Birth : 24th December 1981 Place of Birth : Santa Clara Home Information Street Address : 3426 Bale Drive City/State/ZIP : Fort Collins, Colorado 80526 Telephone : 001(303)727-0715 Facsimile : N/A Business Information Business Name : LLC “PPI” Street Address : 1608 West Campbell Avenue Apt 292 Campbell California 95008 Registered Office : 1608 West Campbell Avenue Apt 292 Campbell California 95008 Registered Number : 011 1(303)727-0715 Tax ID number : TBA Telephone : 011 1(303)727-0715 Facsimile : N/A Telephone (mob) : 011 1(303)727-0715 He states to currently live in Palo Alto, Ca. Our Office has worked with Mr. Noble for 18 Months and the following acts of fraud have been committed by him.  Providing fraudulent Wire Transfer Receipts as Proof of Payment.  Trading with Clients funds without sharing Profits with client.  No payout of commissions, only false Wire Transfer Receipts were produced by Mr. Noble.  He has no funds available….all PoF’s were falsified documents….client then is tricked in sending in his asset to his acct. Upon which point Mr. Noble is seeking a Line of Credit based on client’s asset.  Clients suffered losses to the amount of several Billions of Euros.  Mr. Noble has a criminal past and escaped justice in Colorado….just seek in Google……..Common Fraudster……..>>Andy Nobel Conmen Fraudster Colorado Andy Noble Conman Fraudster Fort Collins Colorado.  Legal action has been taken against Mr. Noble and complaints have been filed with all pertinent agencies, including, but not limited to Interpol. Should you need more information or documents, please contact us at: Time to put an end to this one man crime machine.